Psychotherapy and Neuroscience

Psychotherapy & Neuroscience

I believe that psychotherapy methods can be enhanced and improved with understanding and reinterpreting neuroscience findings. Neuroscience findings can be more accurately understood if interpreted within context of psychotherapeutic conceptualizations. This site provides a unique way of interpreting the neuroscience literature and the nature and formation of the human experience.

Neuroscience has traditionally examined the brain and nature. Psychotherapy has traditionally examined the mind and nurture. The human being is both brain-nature and mind-nurture. In reality each component, in an synergistic, iterative and cumulative manner, interacts to influence the other. There is no separation between nature-nurture.

The site can be summarized into the following categories:

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Cumulative age-dependent genetic expression allows for the process, i.e. the threshold vulnerability-resiliency and nature of neurohormone and CNS neural responses, for both acute and chronic responses to stress and symptom expression at any point in the behavioral life cyle.


The external environment provides the content, i.e. the reasons for the intensity of and duration of stress reactivity and responsivity and the materials, tools, and opportunities for cognition, i.e. for plan development and subsequent behavioral expression.